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CET Review vs UPCAT Review

It is a common discussion among students whether they should enroll in UPCAT Review or CET Review. Students should consider which one they truly want since these reviews are different.

Several review centers will advertise that they are offering UPCAT and CET Reviews in the same exact program, but this is actually a bad practice since these two categories shouldn't be combined together. They are not meant to be the same.

Good programs have a clear primary goal and then focus on that. This means a review program for UPCAT should only focus on getting you to UP, while a review program for CET should coach you with general skills and help you answer various questions that examiners from different Universities will throw at you. 

The Achievers CET Review program is "Big 4" focused. We aim to help students who will take the UPCAT, ACET, DCAT, and USTET.