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Why Be a PSHS Scholar?

Top Level Secondary Education

As the country's premier high school, Philippine Science High School is definitely providing the best possible education for Filipinos. To put this into perspective, PSHS System boasts of 91% passing rate to UPCAT. The 2019 national passing rate to UP is around 13%. The big discrepancy says a lot about the quality of education PSHS provides.    


The Philippine Science High School System operates as an attached agency of the DOST. As such, it offers scholarships to Filipino students who have high aptitude in Science and Mathematics. PSHS students get free tuition from Grade 7 to Grade 12. According to the cost of high school education in the Philippines is about Php 600,000+. Considering the increasing cost of education in the Philippines, PSHS scholarship is a big help for a lot of Filipino parents.

Stipends and Allowances

One of the benefits of being a PSHS Scholar is the monthly stipends and allowances. Depending on your scholarship bracket, this could reach to about Php 4,000 per month (as of 2020).

Fun and Camaraderie

PSHS is not just a place for learning but also a place for having fun, playing sports, making fond memories, and developing camaraderie among friends. Philippine Science High School gives attention not just to Science education but also the overall development of its students. In fact, one of the benefits of being a PSHS scholar (main campus) is access to sports facilities like a soccer field, basketball courts, volleyball courts, tennis courts and a gym with Olympics sized pools!

Why Choose Achievers PSHS Review?

Top Quality Review Program

Impressive Passing Rates

Our passing rate is one of the highest in the industry - if not the highest (our competitors don't release data). Note that some review centers publish their Science High School passing rate, not their PSHS passing rate. For obvious reasons, it is statistically much easier to pass regional science high schools than Phililippine Science High Schoool national competitive exam. The data below is for PSHS NCE passing rates. 

PSHS Review with High Passing Rate

More Than 5x Better Chance of Passing PSHS System

More Than 11x Better Chance of Passing PSHS Main campus


PSHS NCE is very competitive and passing the exam is dependent on many variables. Despite getting relatively higher passing rate compared to our competitors, we can only boost your chances of passing, not guarantee them.  

Online Learning Experience

Due to Covid-19 pandemic, schools, review centers and other educational centers are scrambling to develop their online learning program. This is sad because online learning is not something to implement overnight. An improperly structured online learning causes frustration to students and lecturers alike. In contrast, Achievers started their e learning program back in 2008, as an option to long distance clients. Fast forward today, we believe our staff is more equipped to handle online learning. This translates to better review programs for our students.

Happy Clients

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PSHS Review Enrollment

PSHS Review Schedule

PSHS Review Features

We do this differently. We use non traditional creative methods (using only grade 5 and grade 6 level math) to solve seemingly complicated questions. 

PSHS Review Fees


Enrollment fees 


One time fee P 12,800


Reservation 8,000

To be paid prior to first day 5,400

Total P13,400


        Add-on service only, can not be availed independently

    • One-on-one coaching session between lecturer and student

    • Personalized diagnosis of strengths and weaknesses

    • First come-first serve

        Online Coaching Fee    (P 10,000)  Free! *

                             *for all students who are enrolled and have fully-paid their dues on or before their review program starts

How to pay for the PSHS Review program? 

Bank Transfer


Credit /Debit Card or Paypal

Enroll via Paypal.

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