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Philippine Science High School System Announced PSHS NCE Date

PSHS National Competitive Examination (NCE) Application

Philippine Science High School updated its application schedule for PSHS NCE for SY 2024-2025, and they are now accepting testing applicants. 

Those who want to apply can submit their applications online as well as visit the different PSHS campuses directly.

PSHS NCE Application Deadline

Note that the Philippine Science High School System sets two deadlines for filing NCE applications. It is best to file your application early to avoid the deadline rush.

PSHS NCE Exam Date

The PSHS NCE will be on November 18, 2023. The date is the same regardless of where you are taking the exam.

How to know if your child is eligible

How to know if your child is eligible to apply for the PSHS National Competitive Examination (NCE)

An applicant must meet the following criteria:

PSHS NCE Coverage

PSHS NCE Exam Topics:

How to best familiarize yourself on NCE

A well structured review program can significantly increase your chances of passing PSHS NCE. Achievers Review for PSHS will help you be acquainted with possible questions that can come up on the exam.  

PSHS NCE Application Requirements

Exam Application Requirements

Walk-in applicants:

For online applicants:

Tips for PSHS NCE Examinees

Reminders to Examinees on Exam Day


PSHS Review Schedule

You can view schedule for PSHS review here

PSHS Review Passing Rate

Achievers Review Program for PSHS NCE has a considerably higher passing rate than the national passing rate. See how we compare with competitors.

How much does PSHS review cost?

You may pay in full or in 2 installments. Read more here. 

How to Pay for your PSHS Review

We offer various ways to conveniently enroll to our review program. We recommend bank transfer as a default way to pay for enrollment due to ease of tracking. However feel free to select which payment method is more convenient for you.